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We Are Based In New Delhi

We are a team of creators and dreamers, we visualize the topics given to us by our clients and then package them into breathtaking videos that not only broadcast the idea at hand but also enlighten it.

We have just one goal in mind when we start our work on a new video, the goal is to always present the topic in a such a breathtaking manner that it instantly forms a connection with the end consumer and increases the conversion rates for our clients drastically. We are run and managed by the same team of people at webbedin.in , a web design & digital marketing company based in New Delhi. Enlighten This is the brand name under which our Video production operations are run.

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Increase Your Conversion Rates

Breathtaking Videos are known to increase client conversion rates. Think of it like this, you cannot leave the perfect impression for your idea or business every single time, simply because not everybody is going to read that block of text in your presentations or website, no matter how well written the text is. With a well produced short video you can display your idea or concept in a perfect manner, every single time.

Reduce Bounce Rates

A well produced 2 minute video can cast your vision much better than 2 pages of text. Videos are a win win for all, especially after the recent data boom in India. Now that India has the cheapest data rates in the world, watching videos on the go is a habit for the most of us. Enjoy the benefits of this sudden surge in video consumption by letting us create beautiful videos for your business that not only save time for the end-user but also enhance their experience completely by displaying your brand in the perfect manner.

Attract The Correct Audience

It’s very easy to get lost in the concept you are targeting with your videos and actually do more harm than good. An irrelevant video will actually bring in customers that you do not cater to, an expensive and useless scenario for all parties involved. With a relevant and tight script along with relevant animations and video snippets in your video, you will not only filter out the irrelevant traffic but also attract the relevant traffic like a magnet.

Videos With Amazing Content

We use ultra modern tools and resources to build our beautiful videos, our resources include gorgeous video snippets, custom animations and unique color patterns. We make sure that the end product we produce is not just good but also unique as uniqueness is a quality that when perfected, can increase the conversion rates more than anything else. Our content strategy includes heavy research at our end and then creatively compressing everything we have learned on the topic into a tight short script that not only presents the concept but also educates the viewer.

Videos That FOrm An Instant Connection

Once we have prepared the first draft of a video we make sure that it is something that can form an instant connection with anyone, even with people who do not have any knowledge on the subject of the video at hand. To make sure that our videos are layman friendly we actively show the rough content to our members and people who form our WebbedIN team but are not a part of our Enlighten This video production team. This gives us instant critical and helpful feedback that ultimately lets us enhance the video further and polish it to perfection before it is released into the viral word of the internet.

Amazing Targeting and Relevance

Our videos never go off topic, although when we are dealing with something very technical or vast we do put casual and layman friendly scenes in between to make the entire package an entertaining one. According to us all it takes for a user to lose their interest completely in a video is just 2 or 3 seconds of boredom. We make sure that these 2 or 3 seconds of boring footage is always completely absent in our videos, the proof of this is the stellar retention rates of our existing videos.

A Clean And Acurate FLow FOr the Video

Things don’t look nice when they are not presented in a flow, you can have brilliant 10 second scenes but simply putting all these scenes into a 2 minute video does not guarantee success. We always make sure that a creative and unique flow of content is displayed in each one of our videos. It is hard to set yourself apart with simple 2 minute ads so we make sure that the version that we consider final has the best editing and flow possible. We believe that people have time, you only have to earn it.


How are you related to WebbedIN?

WebbedIN.IN is a design and development company that was founded in the year 2016 by our founder Raghav Bhalla. After cementing their place as one of the most sought-after web design studios in Delhi, they ventured into digital marketing and then finally into video production.

After receiving an unfathomable response to their video production work they decided to form an independent team that solely handles all their Video Production work. That team is us and this is how Enlighten This was born.

Do You Advertise The Videos You Produce As Well?
Nope, our work is limited to Video production and revision (If and when required by the client). The marketing aspect is handled by the brilliant minds at WebbedIN.IN if the client chooses to get their videos marketed by them that is.
Can We Hire A Third Party To Market The Videos?
Absolutely, once the videos are produced, we hand over the mp4 files to our clients. After this, it’s completely their call on the marketing aspect of the produced videos.
How Has Video Consumption Increased Over Time?

Ask yourself this, how many videos did you watch while you were on the go 2 years ago and compare that to the amount of videos you watch now while you are on the go and you would have answered yourself.

The recent surge in data consumption and historic falls in data rates in India have suddenly opened endless possibilities for businesses and individuals to market their ideas through intelligently crafted Videos. People have no data limits to worry about so good content is all you need to get noticed.

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